Just add one packet of Fit-A-Rita™ to 6 oz of water, add one shot of your favorite Tequila and mix. Then add ice or blend with ice. Now enjoy!

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The average maragrita has over 200 calories and sometimes even 700 calories. Fit-A-Rita™ has only 6 calories all by itself.

How is this possible?

Fit-a-Rita™ has no sugar. It is made with Stevia, a natural sweet leaf of the Stevia plant.

Other all-natural special ingredients are designed to --
  1. protect and cleanse your liver
  2. help protect you from hangovers
  3. and deliver anti-oxidants
It's all safe and all natural. And it tastes great!

Ask for Fit-a-Rita™ at your favorite liquor store or health food store, or have the store call Frontier Nutritional Research to order it for you. Our number is (800) 396-5942. Or you can email fitarita2007@gmail.com

To Your Health!

Joe Vitale
Jeff Sargent
Marcus L. Gitterle, M.D.

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